Billie L. LeClair Composite Squadron 31
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The unit name Billie L. LeClair comes from a former California Wing Senior Member, and Master Radio Communications Specialist who devoted her life to the Civil Air Patrol Cadet Program and the Emergency Services Community in the State of California. To honor her memory the unit was named Billie L. LeClair Cadet Squadron 31. This is the second Cadet Squadron to be so named in her honor, the first being Billie L. LeClair Cadet Squadron 89 in 1998 until it was de-activated and merged with San Bernardino Cadet Squadron 31 in October 2002.

Billie L. LeClair Cadet Squadron 31 is a Civil Air Patrol, U. S. Air Force Auxiliary Cadet Squadron, assigned to the Inland Empire Group 3. Squadron 31 is currently located at Flabob Airport in Jurupa Valley, California.


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